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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  October 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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very hard emotional , very heartbreaking. i just want my sister now at 4:30... the suspect in a hit and run is arrested. now we are hearing from the sister of the victim. the latest on the victim's condition-- as her family deals with the news of an arrest. also this morning... charges are filed after a popular club owner is killed. the latest on the suspect arrested and the charges he'll face. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in
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from 2am to 9am friday friday: morning frost. sunny. high: 63 dewpoint: 41 wind: s 5-15 mph saturday: increasing clouds with the chance for t-storms at night. windy. am low: 56 high: 68 dewpoint: 56 wind: sw 15-25 mph new this morning-- a suspect in a hit and run is arrested. a hit and run is arrested. now we are hearing from the family about the news-- and the latest on the victim in that hit and run. angelica joins us from the newsroom with new information. milwaukee police make an arrest after a hit and run on milwaukee's south side. happening near ceasar chavez and greenfield last week-- the hit and run left a woman seriously injured. 27-year-old amy may-ehk mayek was crossing the street at the time of the incident.the family saysmay- ehk mayek
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broken bones.the family says they are happy to know the person responsible is behind bars. - 'i was overwhelmed with joy. i had seen a post my mother who had received a call from a detective that was working on the case that late last night the person had turn as of right now the family says they have not heard any other information on how the investigation will progress. and the name of the suspect has yet to be released. the family also tells us that amy will have a long road of rehab ahead of her. if you would like to help-- the family has set up a go-fund-me page. when we last spoke to them they said it is right at 12-hundred dollars. jessob. back to you. charges have been filed in the death of the owner of a popular jazz club in
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charged with killing 65-year-old donald lewis. lewis' body was found at the young urban jazz cafe on fond du lac avenue last saturday. police say small shot lewis and then robbed the cafe. small was an employee there. preying on the elderly. greenfield police are looking for a man connected to at least three robberies. police say he doesn't mind using a gun and he's targeting people who live in senior living facilities. police say he stole victims purses and threatened the victims with guns. he was caught on camera using a stolen credit card. police are hoping someone recognizes the man and reports him. 27:54 these elderly people have lived a long life, they deserve to enjoy life at this point and were dedicated to bringing this subject to justice. these incidents happened at the beginning of the month. police say they don't want
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photo, call greenfield police. a pursuit ends with three teens arrested in glendale. milwaukee police say it started near 65th and starke -- after officers spotted a stolen jeep. it was taken just an hour earlier in a carjacking. the pursuit ended on green bay road -- near kletzsch park. two 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old were taken into custody. police also recovered a gun. a milwaukee man is charged in a fatal crash in menomonee according to the criminal complaint -- quentin hazelwood stopped his car in the center lane on i-41... and put it in reverse... when he was hit from behind by another vehicle. he told police he saw a bike in the center lane when he slammed on his brakes.. hazelwood's car was hit from behind by another vehicle. his 29-year-old passenger died at the hospital. three other people were injured. a former milwaukee police officer will spend one year behind bars for beating a suspect handcuffed to a wall. ?in august of 2013, rodolfo
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a suspect he was interrogating. ?gomez faced local charges of misconduct in office, but a jury found him not guilty in 2015. this past june, he plead guilty to federal charges. the victim's family says the sentence doesn't go far enough. "he's in blue they treat police different than anybody else. like if me or you would've done what he did we probably would've gotten 20 years automatically. watch the news and someone does that to an officer le the judge says she took into consideration that gomez has lost his job, career and marriage. saying he also took future losses while in jail into account-- during sentencing. milwaukee's water quality task force will be meeting today. the committee will be discussing the budget and testing protocols for schools and daycares. they'll also be discussing the neurological effects of contaminants found in water. however no formal action will be taking place at the meeting.
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this morning. a heads up to drivers who use the zoo interchange. a big closure will be taking place this weekend. all lanes on southbound interstate-41 will be closed at watertown plank road begining tonight at ten. the shutdown will last through sunday morning. crews will be working to install some new tub-girders for one of the system ramps. klipstein says: "in order to reconstruct this big of an interchange, there is going to be public. we try our best to limit that... but in this case we are closing 41 south because for safety reasons, we cannot place these girders over live traffic." as always -- you're urged to plan ahead. there are expected to be delays during the day on saturday. we have more details on fox 6 now dot com. controversy continues to swirl around the presidential campaign trail. still ahead-- the latest on both
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they are facing. and new concerns over the zika virus! the latest concerns from health officials as the virus continues to spread in the u-s. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. another frosty start then sunny with highs in the low 60s. right
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from 2am to 9am friday friday: morning frost. sunny. high: 63 dewpoint: 41 wind: s 5-15 mph saturday: increasing clouds with the chance for t-storms at night. windy. am low: 56 high: 68 dewpoint: 56 wind: sw 15-25 mph you decide coverage now-- as both candidates deal with even more controversy. donald trump is threatening to sue the new york times after accusations of sexual assault. the times recently printed an article with two women who claimed trump made unwanted physical and
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and is demanding a retraction. the times has already said they will not retract the article. meanwhile -- hillary clinton's campaign dealing with more email problems. new leaked emails show more of hillary clinton's paid wall-street speeches. the email account of one of her closest advisors -- john podesta -- was hacked and many of the emails released. they show some of the excerpts of her paid wall street speeches that clinton has refused to release. podesta says the f-b-i is investigating the hack. business alliance luncheon-- but did not specifically address trump's tweets. this past monday, speaker ryan said he would not campaign for trump after the "hot-mic video" from 2005 surfaced last week. trump then took to twitter calling ryan a quote "ineffective leader" and said members "went wild at his disloyalty" to the party. forget about the buzz of the day and forget about the twitter
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i assume, the last five minutes. this is who we are, this is what we believe. speaker ryan reiterated in a speech yesterday he wanted to focus on the republican agenda. he spent time talking about taxes, national security and healthcare. before the final debate -- donald trump will be back in our area for another campaign rally. he'll be in west allis at the state fairgrounds at 7 p-m on monday. he's also scheduled to appear in green convention center."-- that's at 4 p-m monday. you can find more details on our website, fox6 now dot com. as of right now -- hillary clinton's campaign does not have any scheduled appearances in wisconsin. and locally-- tune in for the debate between republican senator "ron johnson" and his democratic challenger "russ feingold" - starting at 7. then at eight, stick with us for a "you decide election special"-- followed by fox6 news at 9 and
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virus in the u-s. still ahead-- the latest from health officials on the virus as it continues to spread in florida. plus-- wicked weather across america-- why some out west are preparing for the worst. plus.... stark says: "parts of north carolina are still seeing flooding - days after hurricane matthew dumped more than a foot of rain on that state. i'm patricia stark. the latest on the storm's aftermath -- straight ahead." timen live look outside this morning.. frost advisory for all of se wisconsin this morning. right now . when we warm into the 70s coming up.
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you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news. frost advisory for all of se wi from 2am to 9am friday friday: morning frost. sunny. high: 63 dewpoint: 41 wind: s 5-15 mph saturday: increasing clouds with the chance for t-storms at night. windy. am low: 56 high: 68 dewpoint: 56 wind: sw 15-25 mph new this morning-- concerns are on the rise after the zika virus appears to be spreading. angelica joins us from the newsroom with new information. the zika virus looks to be
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found the virus in another miami neighborhood. florida governor rick scott says five new locally-transmitted cases have been confirmed in the little river area. the c-d-c is advising pregnant women not to travel to the neighborhood that is about one-square mile in size. a separate zika outbreak is under way in the miami beach area. scott says the newest discovery shows the urgent need for federal funding to fight zika. jessob. back to you. on to storm center coverage now-- what's left of typhoon songda is washington state. nasa's terra satellite was able to catch this clear image of the typhoon moving through the northwestern pacific cean. residents on the west coast are preparing for the worst of what could be a historic storm. winds tomorrow could reach up to 100 miles per hour. forecasters say the storm could lead to widespread wind damage, power outages and coastal erosion. the rain and extreme winds may have passed. but, in the wake of hurricane matthew, the
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to thirty-eight. this, as parts of north carolina are still seeing severe flooding. fox's patricia stark, has the latest. now roughly a week after hurricane matthew hit...the u-s death toll from the storm is continuing to rise... haley says: "we now have our fourth fatality that we found out about." on thursday officials in south carolina... virginia... as well as in hard-hit north carolina... all announced additional storm- related fatalities. at this point, northc deaths related to the hurricane. mccrory says: "a vehicle went around a closed road. went around a barricade and drove into a washed out section of the roadway." mccrory says: "in robinson county, a man walking in a neighborhood fell into a hole of an uprooted tree." evacuations are still continuing in parts of north carolina... where potentially life threatening flooding is still a threat. bridgeforth says: "we are displaced right now. and it's affecting...not only
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also because i'm right now it's kind of hard." new flooding is still possible across much of the eastern part of the state...where some rivers remain dangerously swollen. mccrory says: "the people being impacted by this flood the most are the poor. and when they are displaced they have nothing. our long-term goal is to get them out of the shelters." in hard-hit hope mills, north carolina... local firefighters are among those dealing with flood damage. on saturday fire crews there were out conducting water rescues when they got a call their f meantime, floodwaters are still making getting around sections of north carolina...very difficult... as parts of interstate ninety-five and interstate-forty have been shut down. in new york, patricia stark, fox news. forecast from fox6 chief meteorologist rob haswell frost advisory for all of se wi from 2am to 9am today. high pressure moves farther east
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and with a southerly wind developing we warm up a bit. highs reach the low 60s. we continue to warm this weekend with highs in the low 70s. rain and thunderstorms return saturday and sunday. temperatures remain in the 70s monday and tuesday with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms then we cool to the 60s wednesday. today: morning frost. sunny. high: 64 dewpoint: 44 wind: s 5-15 mph tonight: a few clouds. low: 54 dewpoint: 46 wind: ssw 3-9 cloudy with late pm showers and a chance for thunderstorms. high: 70 dewpoint: 57 wind: sw 15-25 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with showers and a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 65 high: 72 dewpoint: 63 wind: e 5-10 mph monday: partly cloudy with a slight chance for showers & thunderstorms. am low: 62 high: 76 dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: partly cloudy with a slight chance for showers & thunderstorms. am low: 63
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sunny. am low: 47 high: 62 dewpoint: 44
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boast about the type of person they hire. theres one car dealership on the northwest side that can make a truly unique claim: for two straight years, theyve had an employee honored by the city-- for
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in a room full of first responders... christine gaspardo fits right in. not only because she was an e-m-t for 15 years. she was lying on the sidewalk right here. back in february, gaspardo was working the desk at hart auto when a frantic customer ran in. all i could get from him was someone outside needed help. on the sidewalk, an unconscious woman. gaspardo knew she had overdosed. that sunken-in look in their face. christine did c-p-r until the rescue crew got there with narcan. the woman was saved. im just like a proud father. its not the first time one of larry rowells employees helped save someone. in january 2015, a fire raged in a house just a few doors down. luke czuma choo-mah ran into the house along with larry when they heard a kid was trapped inside. something told me the kid was gonna be in the last room on the
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door, seen the kid there. he was yelling the kids in here! the kids in here! but the fire shot in my face. i had to get out of there. luke was able to give firefighters the boys location. the five-year-old survived. we were just the right people at the right time, you know. once again, a hart auto employee is honored at the fire departments awards ceremony. shaking hands with the mayor and fire chief, gaspardo is grateful - but reluctant to call herself a her react, you just do. christine says she still thinks about the rescue every day - because she wants to know how that woman is doing. christine says being able to meet that woman would really bring all of this full circle. live outside the fire and police academy, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. a person is behind bars after a hit and run in milwaukee.
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the victim as she continues to recover. plus-- forget sugar plum fairies. this bedtime story will have kids dreaming of a frothy mug of beer! the bizarre children's book- that revolves around beer! time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. another frosty start then sunny with highs in the low 60s. right now . when rain
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time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. ...frost advisory remains in effect until 9 am cdt this morning... right now . when we warm into the 70s coming up. looking ahead... there's one sure sign the holidays are around the corner: the canadian pacific holiday train schedule is out! the train, decked out in holiday donations on its journey. the train is in wauwatosa on december 6th. we've got a full list of stops on our website fox 6 now dot com. nat of crowd cheering.. the dodgers will head to chicago that's right! the next round of playoff baseball is set! last night the l-a dodgers faced off against the washington nationals. despite an early lead
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the dodgers we're able to go up 4 to 1 in the 7th. and they would hang on to that lead! 4 to 3 in bottom of the 9th and clayton kershaw comes in to close out the game! 2 on, 2 out as you saw-- kershaw delivers the final blow to the nats. l-a plays the cubs, tomorrow at 7. a man discovers a bear in security f in his koi fish pond. the man came out one morning to find things out of sorts. the video shows a bear roaming around, relaxing in the water, not even bothering the fish. and this isn't the first time he's caught wildlife on camera... he's also spotted a hawk, a bobcat, and a family of raccoons playing in a bird bath. a. kistner says: "we've gotten oh, you're teaching kids how to drink beer.
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yes you heard right. dennis kistner, a bartender in baltimore wrote children's book to teach kids about how beer is made. the book is called "hophead harry goes to the brewery" kistner wrote the book for his two year old son. if you want a copy of hophead harry-- it's on amazon. so far the kistners have sold around 300 copies. shes my only sister and so its very hard emotional , very heartbreaking. i just want my sister back. now at 5- new details this morning in the investigation into a serious hit and run crash that sent one woman to the hospital. what we know about the suspect now in custody and an update on the victim's recovery. a warning for some greenfield


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